Adjusting to Your Hearing Instruments

You have your new hearing aids – so what’s next?

It’s important to realise hearing aids do not restore hearing to normal.  Hearing aids are designed to make things easier to hear and you will experience a dramatic improvement in your hearing and quality of life.

For most people hearing loss occurs gradually over years and many may not notice right away. During this period, your brain gradually adapts to your hearing loss. When you first begin using your new hearing aids, you’ll hear sounds that you haven’t heard for many years. It takes time for your brain to readjust to these sounds.

We recommend that you start slowly – wear your hearing aids in quiet environments at first. A great place to start is at home, watching tv.  As you become comfortable gradually build up situations with more background noise.

Be patient and persistent  – adjusting to wearing a hearing aids takes time. It’s important to wear your hearing aids some part of every day so you can get used to them faster.

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