Free Hearing Aid Trial

Try before you buy

The best place to test your new hearing device suits you is in your day to day life, not in a clinic.

When you meet with Hear Better's independent audiologist we will test your hearing and discuss your hearing challenges and your needs.

We will fit you with a set of trial hearing aids. Then you can go out into the real world and experience improved hearing at home, at work and everywhere in between - before you buy.

The hearing test doesn’t stop when you leave our clinic. Over a period of two weeks, you will conduct a real-world assessment, where you can rate your hearing experiences in-the-moment using an app on your smartphone.

Your feedback, positive or negative, from the trial period is combined with other information, such as how long you wore the hearing aids and which sound environments you actually spend time in.

From the results we can find a personalised hearing solution that will work best for you.


You don't need a referral to BOOK YOUR HEARING TEST TODAY.

Simply call us on 3878 8303 and arrange an appointment at a time that suits you best.