Hearing aid survival tips for the summer !


Tips for Looking After Your Hearing Aids This Summer


Aussie summers are famous for sun, sea and sand. While you may love the warmer weather, your hearing aids do not. Humidity, heat, sweat, sunscreen and water can cause serious damage to your hearing aids.


A daily clean and care routine will go a long way to ensuring your hearing aids remain in good working order over the summer.

Here are our top tips for looking after your hearing devices this summer:

1. Storage tips: Heat and moisture can affect the functionality and sound quality of the hearing aid (may work intermittently or sounds crackly) and reduced battery life. When you’re not wearing your hearing aids store them in a cool, dry place and out of direct sunlight. Avoid leaving them in the car glovebox or on the dashboard, or in the bathroom cabinet.

2. Keep them Dry: Hearing aids are small, electronic devices that should not be exposure to water or moisture. Make sure you remove your hearing aids before showering or swimming. At night, leave the battery compartment open to allow moisture to escape and use a hearing aid drying kit.

3. Clean:  specifically designed cleaning tools – a wax brush, a wax pick and a cloth are provided with our hearing aids. Use these to wipe & clean your devices daily.

4. Come in and see us:  Last but not least, it’s important to contact us at HEAR BETTER when you feel that your hearing aids are not working as well as they should. We’ll help find a solution so that you can relax and enjoy the summer fun.