Hearing loss is on the rise

Hearing Awareness Week

March 3 – 9 is Hearing Awareness Week – a time to focus on the fragility of hearing health and what we can all do to protect it.

While hearing loss is often described as the ‘invisible disability’, about 4 million Australians are hearing impaired or deaf and the figure is expected to continue to rise.

The number is increasing because of long-term exposure to excessive noise – often in the workplace – as well as accidents, the environment and our ageing population.

Unfortunately, people often wait years before they seek help for their hearing loss. They ignore the signs, which include turning the TV or stereo up so loud that others complain, frequently needing to ask others to repeat themselves and not being able to hear properly on the telephone.

Early diagnosis of hearing loss can help prevent further deterioration of hearing. Hearing aids can make a positive difference in the way someone with a hearing loss communicates and enjoys their life. There are also plenty of tips and tricks audiologists can offer.

If you suspect you, or a loved one, is having difficulty with their hearing – make this the month you do something about it!

During March, Hear Better is offering free 20-minute screening and Q&A sessions. To book an appointment call Paula on 3878 8303.