Signs and Impact of Hearing Loss

Recognising the signs

For most people hearing loss occurs gradually, so you may not notice the signs right away. Some of the most common signs of hearing loss include:

    • Need to ask people to repeat themselves
    • People sound as though they are mumbling or not speaking clearly
    • You can hear but not always understand what is being said
    • Tinnitus – ringing or noises in the ears
    • TV/Radio volume needs to be turned up louder than what others find comfortable
    • Difficulty hearing conversation on the telephone
    • Conversation in noisy situations or groups is difficult
    • Family and friends notice your hearing loss and make mention of it
    • Female voices and children are more difficult to understand

Potential impacts of hearing loss

Our ability to hear affects how we communicate and relate to others.
Untreated hearing loss affects our emotional and social well-being, our relationships with friends and family, the overall quality of life and general health. For people still in the workplace, hearing loss may have a negative impact on promotions, safety in the workplace and job security as well.

impact hearing loss

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