Want to Golf Better?



The game of golf is filled with hazards – water holes, bunkers, sand traps, they can all wreak havoc on your game.  Another important yet often underrated factor that can affect your score card is your hearing. Studies show golfers with good hearing tend to play better golf than those suffering from untreated, poor hearing.

What role does hearing play in golf? Golfers enjoy and recognize the sound of a well-hit drive!  By paying close attention to the sounds made when the club head strikes the ball, golfers can use the sounds to  judge how well the ball was hit and  learn to control  their shots better in terms of distance and accuracy.   Through “listening” to their game, golfers can make adjustments to their technique and will in turn naturally improve the quality of their play over time.

When hearing loss is left untreated, the golfer may  lose the benefit of this sense.  Swings are less accurate and scores may rise. Golfers playing in pairs or groups may also have trouble following conversations – this can lead to misunderstandings and reduce the enjoyment of the game.

The great Arnold Palmer who played golf wearing hearing aids for 30 years said “Your eyes are key on the golf course, but I can tell you that your ears are equally important to playing good golf.”

Hearing loss often develops so gradually you maybe  unaware of the extent of the problem.  The earlier the hearing loss is detected and treated – the better your success both on and off the golf course.

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