What style is right for you

hearing aid technology

Hearing instruments are getting smaller, more ergonomic and less noticeable all the time. A wide range of styles and colours let you choose the look that works best for you.

hearing aids hearing aids

Canal aids fit completely –in-the-canal and are custom made to fit the size and shape of a person’s ear canal.   The small size makes it very discrete.




hearing aid

The in-the-canal fits inside the canal and is partially visible in the “bowl” ear. They are custom made, comfortable and easy to manage.




hearing aidsUltra small BTE – Open-Fit and Receiver In the canal A small lightweight BTE hearing aid attached to a small tube which directs the sound into the ear canal.   Very cosmetically appealing while offering superior sound quality.



hearing aidsBehind –the -ear (BTE) worn comfortably behind the ear. The larger device can be easier to use for wearers with dexterity concerns.

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