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Not sure if you have hearing loss?

Hearing loss is often gradual, which means many people don't tend to notice or ignore the signs.

Do you find yourself asking people to repeat themselves? Do you struggle to follow conversation in noisy environments - restaurants, crowds? Do others tell you to turn the TV down? Have friends or family commented on your hearing?

At Hear Better, you're going to like what you hear

Hearing loss doesn’t have to hold you back. Imagine keeping up with the conversation in a crowded restaurant, and hearing the sweet range of sounds in the world around you—from the birdsong in the morning while playing golf, to never missing what your grandchild whispers in your ear.

Why are hearing aids important?

Your happiness and health are greatly affected by your hearing

Hearing loss affects people of all ages. The loss often occurs so gradually that most people don’t notice they have a problem, ignore the signs or attempt to compensate them. But over time, poor hearing can greatly affect your happiness and sense of social connection and can prevent you from focusing on what you want to hear.

We know how important hearing is to your lifestyle

At Hear Better we will tailor a hearing care plan to your individual needs and that compliments your lifestyle. We offer a range of hearing solutions from several manufacturers, including discrete “invisible” hearing aids devices, Bluetooth wireless TV and phone accessories and rechargeable options.

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Why Choose Hear Better

At Hear Better our aim is to improve your hearing health and in turn your lifestyle. We are committed to providing the highest quality hearing care through expert advice & support and the latest cutting-edge hearing solutions. Our hearing services will enhance your everyday experiences.

The latest technology

At Hear Better, we are 100% independent. Unlike many hearing clinics, we are not owned or operated by a hearing aid manufacturer. This means we have access to the latest hearing technology from all major international brands. We will recommend the best hearing solution on the market for your unique wants and needs.

Try before you buy

Want to be sure the hearing device suits your lifestyle? Find out about the Hear Better program where you can trial a pair at home.

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