Free Government Services

FREE hearing services are available for eligible pensioners and DVA clients under the Commonwealth Government’s Office of Hearing Services (OHS) programme.


Australian Citizens and Permanent Residents 21 years or older who are:
– Holder of a Pensioner Concession Card;
– Receiving sickness allowance from Centrelink;
– Holder of a Gold Repatriation Health Card (DVA) for all conditions;
– Holder of a White Repatriation Health Card (DVA) for conditions that include hearing loss;
– a dependent of a person in one of the above categories;
– member of the Australian Defence Force;
– undergoing an Australian Government funded Vocational Rehabilitation Service and are referred by their service provider

If you are eligible, you are entitled to:

  • FREE hearing tests
  • FREE hearing aids/devices

The OHS programme provides a range of fully digital hearing aids free of charge. Clients also have the option to contribute or “top Up” towards the cost of a more advanced hearing aid. The “Top-Up” service allows you to upgrade to a higher specification of hearing aid by paying the difference between your government funded voucher and our registered retail price.

How to APPLY

To get FREE hearing services:

1. fill out a voucher application form
(Download New Clients Hearing Services Voucher Application Form (Adobe PDF, 123kb) or apply to the Office of Hearing Services Freecall: 1800 020 103)
2. The form needs to be signed by you and your GP then forwarded to Canberra.
3. An appointment can be made for a full assessment
Call Hear Better on 3878 8303 and our friendly staff can help you through the application process.

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