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At Hear Better, our independent audiologist will work with you to find the perfect hearing solution to fit your life. That means taking the hearing test out of the clinic and into your world.

How it works

Let's talk about your experience

At your appointment, we will talk about your hearing challenges. Perhaps it's busy restaurants or watching the tv. We'll discuss where you are when you have trouble hearing and what situations you want to hear better.

Then, you'll be fit with a set of trial hearing aids and you will go out into your world to see the difference they can make.

New Hearing Aids
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Take our hearing aids for a real-world assessment

Our two-week trial is a totally different approach to a hearing test. By wearing your hearing aids in the places that you live, work and play, we can get a real-world assessment of your true hearing needs.

During the trial, you can rate your hearing experiences in the moment using a smartphone app, while your hearing aids will record data about the sound environments you spend time in.

Let the data paint a clearer picture

At your follow up appointment, we will look at the information gathered during your two-week trial. Your input, along with data about the sound environments you spend time in and how often you wearing the hearing aids, helps us develop a realistic assessment of what solution will be the perfect fit for your life.


Feel confident about your choice

We want you to feel empowered that you are making the right decisions about your hearing health. Taking our hearing aids out of the clinic and into your real world can help you feel confident that you have selected the right brand, technology level and features for your lifestyle.

Embrace future changes

We know that your hearing and lifestyle can change. The good news is so can your hearing aids.

If you want to keep your options open for the future, you can select hearing aids that can be upgraded to a higher technology level with a simple software update. You may not even have to come into the clinic to access the upgrade!


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You don't need a referral to BOOK YOUR HEARING TEST TODAY.

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