How to protect and extend the life of your hearing aids

D-DRY 3 In 1 Kit: Clean and protect your hearing aids
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Like your clothes, your hearing aids regularly need a good clean. But this is one case where hot, soapy water is NOT the answer!

To protect and extend the life of your hearing aids, the best thing you can do is to use an electric drying and cleaning kit every day. This process protects your hearing aids against moisture, one of the main reasons for expensive repairs.

The D-Dry 3 in 1 kit features a compact sanitisation chamber to dry, clear and store your hearing aids.

The drying function safely releases collected moisture from the hearing systems and earmolds. The normal drying process takes three hours. There is also an intense drying cycle that lasts six hours. This is the best option for severe moisture collection, like when there is high humidity, or after athletic activities. The D-Dry 3 in 1 kit switches off automatically after the completion of the drying process.

A great addition to the D-Dry 3 in 1 kit is the UV-C light. Once your hearing aids have been dried, the fully automatic five minute UV-C cleaning process begins. The device irradiates hearing systems and earmolds using UV-C light. This reduces the accumulation of germs and therefore the risk of skin infections in and around the ear.

Regular use of the D-Dry 3 in 1 Kit will help prevent the reduction in sound quality and unreliability that can be caused by moisture in hearing aids.

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